Know that I examined this possibility of us. I picked it up and let it rest in my open palms. I knelt to the weight of it, considered the shape of it, and said okay – I might – I will. I dug my soles in deep where we stood to decide if I could settle there. I looked up, waiting to see it, wanted badly to feel it, hoping most of all to know that it was there. I dug my soles in deeper, but I never found my footing.

Doubt speaks in whispers before it becomes too loud to shut out. Give even an inch and it arrives to take up space that should have been reserved for you (and for me and you). It was sweet, yes, and you were kind. It was comfortable and good, but good is not enough anymore.

Sometimes the match never catches. Sometimes the light flickers and fades. However it begins, we end in the dark.

Know that I wanted to stay, to keep holding this possibility of us. It nearly fit, there in the hands that searched for yours as day turned to night and the room grew colder still.

Know too that we both deserved a brighter fire.